It all started 5 years ago. I welcomed a sweet baby girl into this world and just a short 18 months later my second angel baby girl was born! When I found out 9 months later that we were expecting our third (and final) baby, I realized our spare bedroom had to become a dedicated play space for my kids. The room was nearing completion, but one thing was missing…artwork! I envisioned a gallery wall with cute animals adorning it. I wanted them to have sayings that echoed the morals and values I wanted to see embodied in my children. I came up with nothing...so I decided to create what I had been trying so hard to find!

I have always been a visionary, a creative mind, and love the challenge of designing the things that I daydream about. It was a process. Being the perfectionist that I am, as I hung up the final animal print on the gallery wall, I was so proud and happy with the outcome! The animals were cute, gender neutral, colourful, and had all of the inspiring quotes I wanted to have showcased.

I now want to share these prints with the world and inspire other little ones as they begin their journey in life! This company was a year and a half in the making before I finally felt that it was (perfect) to launch!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support! 

From me and my little cuddlebugs,